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Saturday, November 1, 2008


San Diego -- Last night, one of most fascinating and colorful Halloween events in all of San Diego occurred last night in Hillcrest. It was the 16th annual "Nightmare on Normal Street" party produced by the LGBT Center in Hillcrest.

People who have spent hours and hours working on an imaginative costume for the event are usually delighted to be photographed, especially if the photographer is from the news media.

But, the news media was officially barred from the event.

That was on orders issued by a woman at the LGBT Center.

She told San Diego News Service that "The Center" wanted to protect the privacy of the participants. That sounds like an excuse that would have been used by the pre-Stonewall, closeted, Gay Community back in the late 60's.
"I think there will be several (at the Nightmare on Normal Street event) who will be dressed as 'President Sara Palin'," said a member of the staff of the Gay & Lesbian Times the day before.
"What can be scarier than that on Halloween," he said.
But, midway through the costume event, we saw nobody dressed like Gov. Palin, who could easily become president if Sen. McCain is elected. He's quite old and his body physically and mentally has been through considerable HELL. It is highly possible that he will die before his first term is up, and Gov. Palin will become President Palin.
The idea of dressing in drag representing "Palin - as - President" (perhaps wearing a wide sash with the word "PRESIDENT," as Mexican presidents do when they are inaugurated), was surprisingly not popular at the Hillcrest event on Halloween night.

The photo above shows three erotic, young, bare-chested male dancers performing on stage at the press-barred event. We had to sneak this photo because we were firmly told at the entrance that the "news media is not allowed."
That was on the direct Order of a lesbian on the staff of the LGBT Center.
That is consistent the past experience of San Diego News Service (which is credentialed by SDPD) with the LGBT Center. The top LGBT staff have historically NOT been media friendly.
Some have asked, "What do they have to hide?"
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