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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


San Diego -- Sen. Barrack Obama spoke to the nation this evening (Wed., 10/29) and appeared presidential.

He was able to buy a whole half-hour on national, prime-time TV and two major networks and several cable channels because of his unprecedented fund-raising efforts, accomplished largely on-line.

While it was expected that he would discuss in some detail all of the important issues usually covered in his standard "stump" speech, it was unexpected that he use real people in diverse sections of the nation to illustrate those issues.

He also had the governors of several of the important, key, battleground states speak in his support on the unique half-hour program.

He was best when delivering his speech to a large audience in Florida at the end of the program, as compared to the studio speeches where it was only him and the TV camera.

This program was part of the unique, national campaign put together by Obamas's highly-organized staff.

It is creating a growing momentum, and some national magazines are already talking about a "landslide" victory on Nov. 4th.

But, as the candidate himself repeatedly told his supporters, lots and lots of hard work working the phones, sending e-mails to friends and walking the precincts door-to-door is still needed.

Obama is urging his people to avoid getting over-confident because the polls are looking better.

Many believe this will be our "most important" pre4sidential election for many generations to come.

If Obama wins, the country will begin to move in a changed direction.

Our reputation worldwide will begin to improve, many believe.

If he wins, he may get the opportunity to make TWO appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. The critical 50-50 balance between liberal and conservative justices will continue.

But, if McCain wins, he has pledged to put conservatives on that high court and it will become a far-right court for generations to come. Roe v. Wade (abortion rights) will probably be reversed, as will Lawrence v. Texas (gay rights).

Obama stressed that a large-scale, local, get-out-the-vote movement is critical if he is to win on Nov, 4th.
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