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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Editorial by San Diego News Service:

San Diego City Hall -- The "Old Guard" on the city council is reportedly planning to abuse their powers (again) by selecting the replacement for their council president, rather than letting the next council do it, as would be appropriate.

We agree with a Union Tribune editorial that "the only way to dispel the stench of this back-room dealing is for the choices of City Council president (and 2 port commissioners) to be made honestly and fairly -- after the new City Council takes office on Dec. 8th."

The current (arrogant) City Council president, Scott Peters, is being kicked out of office by term limits. He will be leaving along with council members Toni Atkins, Jim Madaffer and Brian Maienschein.

However, the incumbent council president, Peters, may try to get three, key appointments made before the newly elected council members are sworn in.

That stinks of rotten politics . . . but, considering who is doing it, it is not surprising to us.

In addition to the position of council president, the other two controversial appointments are for 2 port commission positions. Incumbent Peters reportedly wants one of those port commission posts!!!

"As it is, the nominating process for openings on the Port Commission has been a cozy affair in which Atkins and councilman Ben Hueso nominated Peters . . .," the U-T's editorial says.

"The City Council has kept a very tight lid on the nominating process within its own exclusive club," the U-T's editorial added.

"Peters appears determined to keep the actual vote on the nominations within the control of the (outgoing) termed-out council members," the U-T contends.

That's plain WRONG!

To promote fairness at City Hall, the vote on the new city-council president and two port commissioners, MUST be made by the new council!
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