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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


San Diego -- Our readers have requested Voting Recommendations:

President: Barrack Obama (and our editor is a Republican)

Congress (53rd District): Susan Davis (Dem) -- While she is far too conservative for our thinking, she will have some seniority in congress and that helps San Diego.

State Senator (39th District): Christine Kehoe (Dem): While we disagree with many of her positions, she will hold the democratic majority in the state senate.

State Assembly (76th District): Lori Saldana: Whenever we asked for information or help, she has come through!

City Attorney: Michael J. Aguirre (Dem in non-partisan race): He is tough and very independent of the Mayor and the City Council, which the law requires him to be. The city attorney's office is a litigation office, in both civil and criminal matters. But, his opponent, Judge Goldsmith, has NEVER litigated a case in court. His inexperience as a litigator disqualifies him from our vote.

City Council (3rd District [Hillcrest, City Heights, etc.): Stephen Whitburn (Dem): Whitburn's handsome personality is very similar to Barrack Obama; calm, deliberative and cool under pressure. If you like Obama, you will like Whitburn. His flamboyant opponent, Todd Gloria, is cute - but he has been part of the system for too long.

Major Propositions:


Prop-1A: YES: Creates a high-speed train service linking southern ande northern California. Long overdue!

Prop-2: YES: Prohibits cruelty to animals being raised for food on HUGE corporation "factory farms." This is an important issue and is promoted by the highly-respected Animal Protection and Rescue League of Hillcrest.

Prop-3: YES" Expands Children's Hospital and is really needed.

Prop-4: NO: Amends our state Constitution, which should be changed only rarely. Prohibits abortion for un-emancipated minor until 48-hours after parental notification. Radical religious evangelists are pushing this.

Prop-8: NO: Will ban gay marriages by again amending the state Constitution, reversing the recent state Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriages. Mormon Church is biggest homophobic supporter. Will be a major set-back for gay civil rights nationwide if it passes. It's very close, a 50-50 battle.

Prop-5: YES: Ignore conservative Sen. Feinstein's advice. Improves and expands drug treatment programs. This is really needed!

Prop-6: NO: Makes 30 revisions to California criminal law. Increases state costs (your taxes) by over a half-BILLION dollars.

Prop-7: NO: Promotes more renewable energy! (Revision. Following advice from the Utility Consumer Action Network, which we respect.)

Prop-8: NO: Will ban gay marriages. Another state Constitutional amendment pushed by conservative churches. Mormon Church gave tens of MILLIONS to its support. Will be a major set-back to gay civil rights nationwide. DOES NOT REQUIRE TEACHING GAY RIGHTS IN SCHOOLS. "Yes-on-8" campaign TV ads are totally false! It's very close to passage!

Prop-9: NO: Adds more bureaucracy to the prison system. Pushed by radical- right politicians and conservative law-enforcement brass.

Prop-10: NO: Re: alternative fuel vehicles, but strongly opposed by the Utility Consumer's Action Network, which we respect.

Prop-11: YES: changes the way our gerrymandered political boundaries are set.

Prop-12: YES: Help for veterans by providing farm and home aid to vets.


Prop-A: YES: Creates a regional fire protection system.

Port District:

Prop-B: Puts a football stadium over the waterfront Marine Freight Terminal. A stupid idea. Opposed by the Navy and most who are knowledgable with port issues.

City of San Diego:

Prop-C: YES: Provides for major improvements to Mission Bay Park and several other parks. This is needed!

Prop-D: NO: Makes permanent the current ban on booze at the beach. This is an over-reaction to one large, unruly incident many months ago.


Prop-S: YES: This will improve EVERY neighborhood school!
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