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Saturday, November 1, 2008


San Diego -- Although this HillcrestBlog has been on-line for only a short time, we at San Diego News Service are excited by your popular response. You read it!!!

We would have been delighted if 100+ were regularly reading this news blog, but we have learned that it is actually being read by thousands.

On-line journalism is here, and we are part of it!

Many who read it are telling us that they are forwarding it on to their friends, dramatically increasing the number of our readers.

We are also getting - everyday - many news tips with behind-the-scene information about our community's leaders, politicians and wannabees.

News sources like these "tip" calls, and your e-mails, make our news media more powerful! And, if you prefer, your news tip is totally confidential! We are protected by the state's "reporter's shield law" when we refuse to disclose the origin of confidential information.

The HillcrestBlog is NOT a source of opinion by anyone on our staff (including our editor), which many blogs and community websites traditionally offer.

We uniquely provide hard news and theatre reviews, the same as SignOnSanDiego or the VoiceofSanDiego; both of which we admire as fellow, credentialed, working journalists.

But, we do report on stories that usually will not be found in the Union Tribune, on TV news or the Gay & Lesbian Times.

We are not a PR service for community organizations. We report news, not views, unless the opinion or commentary is clearly labeled.
Copyright 2008 by San Diego News Service (619) 757-4909 leopowerhere@msn.com


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