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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Miramar USMC Air Station -- The United States is using poison gas in Iraq, which is apparently a violation of the basic rules of war, it was learned at the Miramar USMC Air Show recently.
The Marines were proudly showing off a field artillery canon used in regular combat in Iraq, according to the personnel connected with the huge, field weapon.
It is do large that it has b=to be towed by a 7-ton towing truck, also on display at the Air Show.
Little noticed by the general public, however, were the different type of shells used by the howitzer.
One of the shells was an "illuminator," which when fired creates 2-million candlepower to fully light up the field of battle.
But, another shell that could be fired by the howitzer, and is currently in use in Iraq, creates a cloud of smoke in the air over the enemy. When it settles down on the enemy on the ground, "will boil the flesh of the enemy troops."
Isn't that poison gas? the attending Marine was asked.
"Of course," he replied.

After widespread use in World War I, poison gas was first prohibited by the Geneva Protocol of 1925.
"Such weapons were not used in World War II, but have recently been employed in Iraq," according to an on-line story by Adam Clymer on September 12, 1995.
The Marines say poison gas that can "boil the skin" of the enemy is being used NOW in Iraq.
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