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Sunday, October 5, 2008


San Diego -- "Things haven't changed much," commented artist/journalist Ricardo Vela after seeing The Dutchess at the Landmark Hillcrest Cinema. Vela is the regular news anchor/producer at KNBT-TV News Channel 17 and writes a weekly column for el Latino newspaper and owns the Ricardo Vela Fine Art & Photography Gallery at 2923 Upas Street in North Park.
This movie is heavy Oscar material for the two leading actors.

The movie is the incredible true story of the Great Grandmother of the late Princess Di of England.
In the late 18th century, the Dutchess of Devonshire received her title after an arranged marriage with the duke. The whole purpose of the marriage was that she had to prodcduce a male heir for the duke.
Unfortunately, she initially only produced THREE girls, and no heirs.
Meanwhile, the duke was thinking through his tool and had a live-in paramour (echo of Prince Charles and Princess Di).
But, the dutchess also fell in love with a very handsome, up-and-"cuming" local Whig politician. He seemed to habe been cast largely because of his hot body and good looks.
He even gave a political speech about CHANGE. (Was this film marketed to coincide with the current presidential campaign in which Sen. Obama pushed for CHANGE, and Sen. McCain copied his theme.
The rhetoric of politics apparently hadn't changed in over 300 years.
The duke is an arrogant S-O-B, much like Dan Rather.
Like Hillary and Michelle Obama, the dutchess was a tough, dignified woman!
Her paramour, Mr. Gray, went on to become England's prime minister.
The movie is a tragic, docu-drama.
"Things haven't changed much," as Vela said.
The Dutchess is also showing at the UntraStar Flower Hill Cinema, the AMC La Jolla 12 and the Edwards San Marcos Stadium 18.
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