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Monday, September 29, 2008


San Diego -- Prop-8 supporters are ignoring and distorting the law in their massive TV campaign.
With millions of dollars pouring into their campaign supporting Prop-8, which adds an amendment to the state Constitution and overturns the state Supreme Court's March '08 decision legalizing gay marriages.
But, a key argument in their campaign is that the voters in 2000 passed Prop-22 by a substantial margin, and it defined marriage as only between a man and woman. That must be respected, even though it was unconstitutional!
The problem with this basic argument is that it is contrary to our fundimental Constitutional laws.
As the state's high court clearly said, "Voters cannot (as with Prop. 22 in 2000) pass a law that is unconstitutional and expect it to be enforced. That's not the way our system works."
For example, suppose a well-funded statewide campaign convinced voters to pass an initiative that wives were the property of their husbands, and had to do whatever their husbands wanted.
That would obviously be unconstitutional; and when challenged in court, be declared unconstitutional.
That's what happened to Prop-22 in 2000.
But, the proponents of Prop-8 now are using that unconstitutional initiative to bolster their argument that their bigoted ballot amendment should be passed.
Unfortunately, many on the far right, including thousands of the dedicated evalgelical church members, will march to the polls in November obsessed with their religous mission to vote in support of Prop-8.
Many of those religous zealots are seniors. Historically, seniors vote in a higher percentage than does the general population.
Karl Rove knew that and put gay marriage on the ballot in Ohio years ago. It worked. Those militant evangelicals voted in massive numbers and Ohio went for Bush.
Prop-8 now has Karl Rove's fingerprints all over it.
If he - and Republicans - can mobilize the evangelicals to march to the polls in November in California - they will also vote for McCain.
For the first time in decades, this state may go Repuiblican because Prop-8 is on the ballot. That will get the radical-right and evalgelicals to come out to the polls, even if they have to be in wheelchairs to do it. It's because they believe God says to do it!
With McCain's health and age a serious problem, his election will probably result in President Sarah Palin!
Imagine that inexperienced - but, young and "cute," and who gets messages "directly" from God - becoming the most powerful person in the whole world!
A McCain election will also mean that he will appoint two members of the U.S. Supreme Court, replacing the two liberal members who are expected to retire soon.
By replacing them with conservatives, we can expect the high-court to overturn Roe v. Wade and Lawrence v. Texas (which overturned Texas sodomy laws that were used to prosecute Gays in mass numbers).
That high-court will become extremely conservative for the next several decades. Womens' and Gay rights will be dead in the water.
For some unknown reasons, Sen. Obama and his young campaign have largely ignored this important issue of supreme-court appointments.
The presidential election is extremely close.
Because Americans have been histporically racist, Obama still has a steep hill to climb to win, and Prop-8 still has a good chance of passing.
Copyright by journalist Leo E. Laurence, 2008, leopowerhere@msn.com, (619) 757-4909


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