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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


San Diego -- Former astronaut Sally Ride is costing the San Diego County Public Law Library Foundaton $10,000 -- money that would buy a LOT of books.
The foundation is the fund-raising arm of the Law Library, with its main facility downtown, plus branches in the east, north and south sections of the county.
Every year, the foundation holds a huge annual, banquet to raise money for the library, which is seriously under-funded by the county government.
To attract more people this year - the 50th anniversary of the main Law Library building at Front/C Streets downtown - organizers hired former astronaut Sally Ride as the keynote speaker.
But, with the economic downturn, "we didn't raise enough money in sponsorships to pay for Sally Ride's speaking fee, and she is keeping a $10,000 deposit," said event organizer George W. Brewster, Jr., Esq. in an e-mail to this journalist.
"That, and our inability to get a 'wow' speaker (in these last two weeks) to help draw people to the event, forced a CANCELLATION.
"Now the law library has a $10,000 loss to one of its foundation accounts," Brewster wrote.
What a bitch! And, I don't use that term "bitch" lightly.
"Unfortunately, this fundraiser (that is cancelled was to) earn money for two nonprofits . . . which helps those who can't afford legal cousel, among other things, and (helps) the courhouse museum in Old Town which is seeking money for repairs and new flooring so when the 4th graders come to visit they have a better place to sit, not faces a loss thanks to Ride," Brewster added.
"I offered to pay something less than the 10K for her agent's fees, etc.; but they wouldn't budge off keeping the full 10K!" Brewster wrote.
Sally Ride has delt a serious blow to the Law Library Foundation, and hundreds of books will not be purchased because of her.
What a bitch!
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