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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


As a former firefighter, I learned early in that career that you had to be able to work with, and help, every kind of person and culture imaginable.

A firefighter cannot chose the type of people they serve.

But, four San Diego firefighters are proving that they cannot do just that, serve - and work with - anybody and everybody.

Therefore, they should be fired!!!

Those "men," firefighters John Ghiotto, Jason Hewitt, Alex Kane and Chad Allison, are currently suing the City of San Diego because they had to ride in (and had the protection of) a firetruck in the Gay Pride Parade in 2006.

These "men" couldn't handle the Gays and Lesbians attending that event, the largest public parade in the city.

These "men" said they were uncomfortable in the "sexually charged" atmosphere of the parade.

These "men" said they were uncomfortable seeing women with bare breasts. Oh, horrors! That's awful.

These "men" are outright, homophobic bigots.

They should have not have been allowed to serve at the Hillcrest fire station. After all, they might have to answer a call and see a woman with exposed breasts, and that would be awful.

Where is our lesbian fire chief in all this?

Why hasn't she made sure that the firefighters assigned to the Hillcrest fire station were sufficiently mature and trained in diversity issues?

Firefighers: if you don't like the heat (Gays), then get out of the kitchen (Hillcrest).

Those four complaining firefighters have not right to wear the uniform of a fireman.
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