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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Much of the meat that you buy and the eggs that you fry is raised at commercial, "factory farms" where animals and chickens are crammed into cages so small they can move, turn around or flap their wings. It's wholesale, vicious and ugly cruelty.

If you have a pet - like a dog or a cat - you know that they have emotions and feelings. (There are over 165 million dogs and cats in homes throughout the United States.) The animals being raised on these commercial factory farms also have those same emotions. They indeed feel the constant pain and wanton neglect of their caged lives.

In California alone, there are over 20 million animals locked all-their-lives in tiny cages while being raised for slaughter or to produce eggs for your table.

To end the practice of cramming these commercially-raised animals into tiny cages so small they can turn around, stretch their legs or naturally flap with wings,

We witnessed the cruel treatment of sick and crippled cows exposed in a southern California slaughter plant this year, prompting authorities to pull meat from school menus and order the largest meat recall in the nation's history.

The commercial "factory farms" also are putting our health at risk with massive abuses of animals and grossly unhealthy living conditions for them.

But, Proposition-2 on the November ballot will put a stop to it.

The commercial companies owning these ugly "factory farms" are raising tens of millions of dollars to fight Prop.-2.

Proponents of Prop.-2 need help, also, from thousands of people who will donate on-line.

for more information or to donate, contact the office of the Animal Protection & Rescue League in Hillcrest at (619) 236-9514 or go to their website at yesonprop2.com


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