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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Two lesbians are doing a bood job of "taking over' control of community organizations in Hillcrest; but, is that good for the community's best interests?

They are Ann Grawood and Nancy Moors, who live at 3742 Senenth Ave. (south of RobinsonAve.), Apt. B, Phones: 298-0779, 260-1929 and Nancy's cell: 379-3416.

They dominate the Hillcrest Business Association. Michael Wright (City Deli) is the nominal head, but he seems very uncomfortable chairing meetings. The titular head is Moors, who serves as vice president. Moors is unfamiar with Robert's Rules of Order, but makes up for it with a sheer show of personal power, like a power trip. The HBA is embroiled in considerable controversy for failing to follow its own Bylaws and state law. See the September issue of Zenger's Newsmagazine for more details.

They started the Hillcrest Town Council (HTC). The name is really a misnomer because it suggests that anyone living or working in Hillcrest can be a voting member. WRONG! Only Hillcrest residents can be voting members. I attended the organizational membership meetings at Moors/Garwood's nice, spacious home and made the motion to call it the HTC.

When I later realized the name was a misnomer, a motion to change the name to the Hillcrest Residents Council was defeated. So they continue operating under a misnomer.

The HTC takes in money, but when I asked to see the financial records, the request was repeatedly denied. A man who only identified himself as the HTC treasurer said some of the money is kept in envelopes. (What, no bank account?)

I was told several times by Leo Wilson, who oddly chairs the HTC meetings - but is not a Hillcrest resident - that a summary financial statement will be issued later this year. We wanted to look at the records upon which the financial statement would be based, but that request was repeatedly denied. What is the HTC hiding?

Moors/Garfield also operate the Hillquest.com website and print a Hillcrest directory, both of which are money-makers.

They also both operate a 501 (c)(3) organization called the Hillcrest History Guild, which is also a money maker.

A short time back the Hillcrest Business Association gave the Guild thousands of dollars. But, again, no accounting of how it has been spent. On the Moors/Garfield mortgage???

Many gay seniors believe the LGBT Gay Center in Hillcrest is more like a "Lesbian Center," as its control is reportedly dominated by lesbians.


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