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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Recently, I went kayaking for the first time on the waters near the Shelter Island Marina in San Diego, which is adjacent to the huge, rich, San Diego Yacht Club.

While in law school, I went aboard Judge Ross Tharp's motorboat, and for the first time, experienced skimming across the water at high speed.

More recently, I discovered the excitment of sailing as a guest of Martin Brickson of the Torrey Pines Sailing Club, also located at the Shelter Island Marina.

In a motorboat, you skim across the top of the water at high speed.

In a sailboat, you glide across the water and get to feel the wind and hear the water as it splashes against the bow of the sailboat.

But, as a guest of sailboater Gregory Class, I discovered kayaking. In a kayak, you feel more part of the water. You are uo close to the surface of the water and feel all its movement, in addition to feeling the wind and the sun on your body.

Wanting to get more involved, I went online and found a national kayaking organization. To find more local kayakers, who might like to share their sport with my Navy buddies, I posted a request for young kayakers to contact me.

Unfortunately, their organization has some uptight members and read evil into my posting, and it was deleted.

As a journalist, I was going to do a story on any help that online organization might have provided. But, after the offensive reaction by the kayaking.com group, we decided to kill the story. But, it was a good blog!

Someone from that kayaking organization protested this blog, saying it was only disgruntled members who complained, but they apparently had veto power over my posting. And, they were so obviously homophobic!!!

Also, others from that same kayaking organization sent in comments that were rude and extremely offensive. That is one group that I - and my journalist colleagues - want nothing, absolutely nada, to do with.



At September 11, 2008 at 10:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Old Fart! Hit on someone your own age.

The problem was not that you were gay, the problem was that you were looking for YOUNG kayakers. Nobody puts posts like that on the kayaking websites. If you had posted that you were on the prowl for YOUNG girl kayakers you would have gotten the same treatment.


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