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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Many gay men living or working in Hillcrest are well aware of it, particularly gay seniors.

The lesbians are "taking-over" Hillcrest.

It started with the so-called "Gay Center," aka the LGBT Center. (Notice that the letter "L" is first in that acronym, representing lesbians; even though numerically there are more gay men than lesbians in Hillcrest. Longtime gay activist Jay Murley has pointed this out many times in community meetings.

Oh, there are several token Gays in the "Lesbian Center's" organizational structure; but let's face it, lesbians are calling the shots inside the so-called "Gay Center."

Now two lesbians, Ann Garwood and Nancy Moors, are taking over the public-funded Hillcrest Business Association (HBA). And, nobody - except for board members like Scott Crowder - is doing anything about it.

They have maneuver to get rid of Warren Simon, the longtime executive director of the HBA. He recently resigned.

And, they fired Ruth Harrison, the faithful assistant executive director and only person within the organization with the guts to stand up to the orders of Moors and her co-conspirators.

Indeed, though she only serves as the HBA vice president, Moors has told people that she is actually the "President pro tem," an office that doesn't exist under the HBA Bylaws. Moors is able to do this because the person she engineered to put into the office of the HBA president, Michael Wright, is a rather meek, shy person who doesn't even know the basic rules of parlimentary procedure and has been easily been pushed around by the much more forceful Moors.

Moors and Garfield are also conspiring to run the Hillcrest Town Council. That's really a misnomer because it's voting is open only to residents. Oddly, Leo Wilson, a former attorney who many believe to still be a practicing lawyer, is chairing the HTC even though he is a resident of Park West, and chairs the Park West/Banker's Hill Community Association.

Many Gays have asked the queston: when will the Gays in Hillcrest put a stop to the continuing control over community affairs being exercised by pushy lesbians?
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