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Friday, September 19, 2008


While California has historically gone democratic in presidential elections, it may go republican in November. That would spell disaster for Gays in the state, and for our national government.

Republican electoral mastermind Karl Rove knew that he could bring out the republican vote in Ohio in the past by putting gay civil rights on the ballot. And, it worked!

Now, we have the same scenario coming up this November.

The issue of gay marriages is on the ballot in California, and rich republicans and wealthy conservatives throughout the nation are pouring very BIG money into the battle to pass Proposition-8. It will overturn the state Supreme Court's historic ruling last March that legalized gay marriages.

The republican conservatives and right-wing evalgelicals are mobilizing BIG TIME to pass Proposition-8.

And, the Gay Community is not as well mobilized! Nor it is as well funded!!!

The evangelicals will dutifully "march" to the polls in November to vote in favor of Prop.-8, and vote for McCain while they are at it.

There's another major problem that Obama and democrats are not emphasing during the presidential campaign. That's the fact that the next president will be appointing at least one - and probably two - members of the U.S. Supremem Court.

Two of the progressive members of that high court are very old. They will be retiring sometime in the next four years, and will be replaced by either Obama or McCain.

If it is McCain, his appointments will create an overwhelmingly conservative majority on the nation's high court. That means historic decisions like Roe v. Wade, and the landmark gay-rights ruling from Texas that abolished sodomy laws against Gays (Lawrence v. Texas), will be OVERTURNED.

Gay marriages will be abolished!

Without question, and I've been covering elctions for over 40-years, the gay-rights movement will be returned to its pre-Stonewall status of the early 60s.
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