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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


San Diego -- Many people say they are worried about whether the balloting on November 4th in San Diego will be honest, or tarnished. San Diego News Service has investigated this closely.
The stakes are enormous.
Sen. John McCain will be the oldest person ever elected president, if he wins. His body had been racked with the some of the most extreme physical punishments in the past, and may fail soon.
If he is elected and dies in office, that would mean a President Sarah Palin. Her only experience to be the most-powerful person in the world is minimal at best, according to many political analysts.
"The number of voters who question (Palin's) qualifications to serve as vice president is steadily rising," said ABC-TV News on Oct. 1st.
Many believe this is the most important presidential election in recent history!
And, is the balloting in San Diego county safe and secure?
Will those who work the 1,650 precincts scattered throughout the county well trained? They are only temporary workers. Do they know their job?
There is an army of precinct workers who will be manning the 1,650 precincts in the county. Over 7,000 of them.
But, are they trained?
To qualify as a member of any precinct election board in San Diego, every precinct worker is required, mandated, to attend an intensive, four-hour training sessions taught by experienced employees of the county's Registrar of Voters office (R-O-V).
Each of those 7,000 precinct workers also is provided by the R-O-V with a comprehensive DVD that covers every step in the balloting procedure, for additional home study.
If any precinct worker is found to be incapacitated, or unprepared to serve, they can be replaced on-the-spot by a precinct inspector, according to the state's Election Code.
To provide instant support to election workers at every precinct, there will be at least 60 full-time, highly-skilled, R-O-V employees available by special cell phones used only by the poll workers.
The R-O-V will also hire at least 400 part-time workers to staff the R-O-V offices on election day/night.
In additional to all those support staff, the R-O-V will also hire about 350 specialized "troubleshooters" who will be available to every precinct staff to help with any unexpected problems.
"The possibility of something unfair happening always exists. After all, we're all human, and therefore not perfect," says an R-O-V official who asked for anonymity because she was not authorized to speak to the media.
"But, the probability of anything unfair happening during either the balloting, or the counting of those ballots, is extremely, extremely low," she added.
The behind-the-scenes investigation by San Diego News Service supports her conclusion.
November 4th will be an incredible fair, honest election in San Diego county.

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