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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


San Diego -- "Tonight was a wash. Nobody's opinion about the candidates was changed," said CBS's veteran political correspondent Bob Schieffer.
He's close, but other political pundits didn't agree.
McCain did NOT make the argument - successfully - why this guy, Obama, who is now ahead, should not be president.
"McCain didn't move the needle," as one NBC commntator said.
He repeatedly was picky and childish in his constant attacks on Obama, and they were tiring.
Being behind in the pools, McCain had the bigger task, but he didn't meet the test.
McCain repeatedly referred to minor, minuscule arguments about an overhead projector that was in one piece of legislation.
Big deal!
McCain likes the town-hall style presentation, but this one didn't work for him.
He was nervous, and repeatedly walked in the background while Obama was talking. Rude!
MCain also referred to one of Obama's policies as like "nailing down jellow to the wall." Does that add to the substantive debate?
Once, while Obama was talking, McCain communicated with hand signals with someone in the audience. The cameras caught it. Totally rude!
McCain repeatedly distorted Obama's positions. And, he tried to interrupt Obama while he was speaking. Again, totally inappropriate for a potential commander-in-chief!
The network pundits generally think that Obama did well.
McCain had a HUGE task to try to overcome Obama's new momentum; but he did not meet the challenge, according to the political analysts on several TV News stations.
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