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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It's rude to intentionally and repeatedly interrupt your opponent during a formal debate, yet Sen. John McCain did it at lest 11 times tonight (10/15/08).
McCain is playing a bad hand. He really needed for Obama to mess up tonight, but it didn't happen.
So, he went on the attack, attack and attack!!!
"His attacks tonight really hurt McCain," said one TV analyst after the debate.
"McCain really tonight hurt himself , almost always hurts himself, when his attacks get personal as they did tonight," added another TV commentator.
McCain made a tactical mistake tonight half way through the debate when he brought up Bill Ayres. A full 40-years ago, (now) Professor Ayres did some stupid things as an anti-war radical. Obama was only 8-years old at the time.
To use Ayres - as his TV ads do repeatedly also - was one of McCain's worst moments during the debate. He also showed his well-known anger, which is not presidential.
There was much, too much fighting over minor campaign strategy/events.
McCain again tonight - as he did in a previous debate - brought up an overhead projector in Obama's hometown. How is that important during the worst economic crisis this nation has ever experienced since the depression?
McCain's sole big accomplishment tonight was to make "Joe the Plumber" a media person, which Joe probably hates. Major mistake.
Moderator Bob Schieffer asked about running mates. Obama did not take the bait and go after Gov. Palin's incredible lack of experience or education to be president.
Throughout the debate, McCain had a childish smirk on his face as Obama was talking. Respectful of his opponent. NO!
Aside from McCain interrupting Obama 11 times, the smirk on his face was degrading for McCain and hurt his image.
The debate was engaging, but at times boring. There was some flow to it, thanks to moderator Schieffer.
Having covering politics for 48 years; in all likelihood, this last presidential debate was not a game changer for either candidate.
Copyright, 2008, by journalist Leo E. Laurence, J.D. leopowerhere@msn.com (619) 757-4909


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