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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Balboa Park -- Several hundred were thrilled by the unusual Columbus Day celebration produced by la Case de Espana en San Diego (The House of Spain) in Balboa Park on Sunday, Oct. 12th.
It didn't honor the mythical "discovery" of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492 (even the date is questioned by historians).
The colorful celebration was celebrating the National Day of Spain.
"The 12th of October is known in the United States as Columbus Day," said Consul Hon. de Espana en San Diego, the honorable Dona Maria Angeles O'Donnell de Olson.
"In many countries in Latin America," the consul general explained; "(it is known) as el Dia de la Raza (The Day of the Race)" she added.
But, "in Spain the 12th of October for many years has been the official national holiday known as la Fiesta de la Raza (The Festival of the Race).
"In 1978, with the installation of the new Constitution, it was officially recognized as the National Day of Spain," the consul general explained in an exclusive interview with San Diego News Service.
While the historical myth says Columbus "discovered" the so-called New World on Oct. 12th (at least as far as the "old" world was concerned), the consul general emphasized in a speech that Columbus was acting on behalf of Spain, not his native Italy.
The kingdom of espana financed Columbus and his 3 ships, the Pinta, Nina and the Santa Maria.
"Today, we use the word encounter, rather than "discover," as it is without doubt, the encounter between the two civilizations" brought great things.
"What would Ireland be without potatoes (native of Mexico)?
"And Italy without tomatoes (also native of the "New" World)?" the consul general asked; putting a distinctly different view on Columbua Day, and from the perspective of Spain.
"The celebration, which featured dazzling dances and very colorful Spanish costumes, was organized by Senor Pedro Sanchez Catala, president of the House of Spain in Balboa Park.
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