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Saturday, October 18, 2008


San Diego -- If Oliver Stone's purpose in releasing his "W" movie just before the presidential election was to influence it, he probably failed.
If Stone's purpose was simply to produce a dramatization of President George W. Bush's biography, he succeeded.
Most of the viewers probably had decided how they were going to vote before seeing the movie, said artist/photographer/TV news anchor Ricardo Vela of North Park. But, nobody would go to see "W" if it were released after the election, Vela added.
Because many of us already know most of the facts about "W," and many believe he has been the stupidest president in history, the movie reveals nothing new. As a result, it was boring at times.
The film depicts his father, President H. W. Bush, as thinking his son wanted early in life only to go "partying, drinking and chasing tail."
His father seemed to have known his son quite well, and was enormously disappointed in him, though publicly supported him - particularly as president.
The movie depicts "W" as a very heavy drinker who eventually goes to AA meetings to control his drinking.
In the early days of his career, nearly every scene in the movie showed "W" with a beer or cocktail in his hand, and often quite drunk.
After he is elected governor of Texas and later as president, we hear in the movie so many of the old, familiar phrases (e.g., "I am the decider."). That's the boring part.
On the Iraq war, Gen. Colin Powell (ret.) comes off as a strong and powerful opponent who is willing to take on other cabinet members in his opposition.
Vice President Cheney is heard saying, "There is no exit strategy. We stay!"
"The world has gone mad," Gen. Powell says.
The movie "W" provides no new revelations about the president. However, as a dramatization of a biography of our lame-duck president, the movie is strong.
Review copyright, 2008, by journalist Leo E. Laurence, leopowerhere@msn.com (619) 757-4909


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