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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


PHOTO shows the S.S. Californian (circa 1850, replica), firing its starboard 6-pound gun recently while honoring the birthday of the Star of India ship, moored along the Embarcadero downtown.
Both ships are part of the amazing collection of the Maritime Museum of San Diego. San Diego News Service will soon post an exclusive story of on-the-scene coverage of a recent cruise into the ocean by the SS Californian , which was manned by a large crew of trained volunteers from the Maritime Museum .
San Diego -- 11/18/08 -- San Diego News Service is now devoting most of its staff energy into providing exclusive stories, features and reviews on our new, on-line news service, using Google's "blogspot.com" technology, BlogbytheLion.blogspot.com .

Unlike many blogs that are largely first-person opinions of the blogger, the San Diego News Service on-line material will be all hard-news; but with features, reviews, editorials and news analysis clearly labeled.

While all our stories and news photos are copyrighted, all news media that are credentialed by the San Diego Police Department have expressed permission to use our material, but only with credit to San Diego News Service. Those in the media who are not credentialed by SDPD will need specific permission to use substantial segments/photos of our material, even with credits. That permission will be narrowly construed.

While our newsroom is located in Hillcrest, we will cover a good story wherever we find it.

Because of the enormous (and somewhat unexpected) popularity of our new, on-line news service; we are also getting excellent news tips from our on-line readers. People who know where the skeletons are buried are giving us news tips at (619) 757-4909 or e-mail at leopowerhere@msn.com .

Confidentiality of our news sources is guaranteed by California state law.

We also welcome Martin Brickson to our staff as Copy Editor. His eye catches everything!

Roberto "Tony" Araiza continues to provide San Diego News Service with a Latino perspective from the barrio.

Our staff is active in the international Society of Professional Journalists (S-P-J). Our editor, Leo E. Laurence, J.D., serves on the S-P-J's National Committee on Diversity. He regularly write blogs for the S-P-J's national website (SPJ.org/blogs/diversity). We are also active with the local chapters of : CCNMA - Latino Journalists of California and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.

Exclusive stories we are currently working on include: (1) an exclusive feature on the most "genuine" Mexican restaurant in all San Diego County, (2) a special birthday salute to the Star of India, of the Maritime Museum, and (3) some real dirt on a popular politician!

All of our stories include action photos!

Copyright 2008 by San Diego News service (619) 757-4909 leopowerhere@msn.com


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