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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


HILLCREST -- 5/26/09 -- Nothing mobilizes people like anger, and Gays & Lesbians are really mad that they lost the battle over Prop-8.
The California Supreme Court has ruled that Prop-8 is valid, but ordered that gay marriages performed after the court's May ruling legalizing gay marriages will remain valid.
Gay & Lesbians are mad, mad, mad, mad!
At daybreak this morning, young Gays & Lesbians were on the historic Georgia Street Bridge over University Avenue, one block east of Park/University Avenues, with huge signs promoting a massive, community rally this afternoon at 5 p.m. at Sixth and Laurel Streets in Balboa Park.
What was hoped to be a celebration will instead be an angry demonstration of community protest against the state Supreme Court.
This all would not have happened if the professional Gays who were in charge of the No-on-8 campaign last year had done a more effective job. They intentionally avoided showing happy, successful gay couples in their TV spots during the campaign, for fear of offending someone. MAJOR MISTAKE!
Ironically, however, the anger over the court's decision may mobilize the Gay & Lesbian community far more effective than in the past.
The YES on 8 campaign last year was very effective on exploiting the anger of the state's homophobics. Opposed only by the timid actions of the NO on 8 campaign, they were successful.
Now, literally hundreds of millions of dollars may be spent by the Gay Community to put yet another initiative on the ballot, this time to overturn Prop-8. That's money that could be going into education, youth and community social services.
The anger in San Diego's Gay & Lesbian Community will be loudly demonstrated this afternoon (Tues 5/26) at 5 p.m. when Gays rally, yet again on the Prop-8 issue.

Photo by Leo E. Laurence, San Diego News Service (619) 757-4909 leopowerhere@msn.com


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